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About Mellow Dee
Born and raised in Ottawa Ontario Canada, Mellow Dee (Dwight Roan Grant) has been performing since the age of 5. His ability to play piano and sing is always a crowd pleaser. A unique male vocalist with incredible range keeps you warm throughout a whole show. Being a lover of Jazz, Gospel and Soul music Mellow Dee puts these three genres into one sound. Some would call him a soul/crooner much to the comparison of John Legend and Jamie Foxx. Now being a part of the Canadian music scene for many years.

Always on the road you may see Mellow Dee appearing anywhere from Ottawa to NYC. In 2004 Mellow Dee was blessed to play at Harlem's famous Apollo Theater, a life changing experience. In 2006 Mellow Dee acquired the mechanical license which allowed him to re-record Billy Joel's hit song "Piano Man" (available on iTUNES album titled IT"S ABOUT TIME). A challenging event that Dwight took on was Taiwan night Feb 15th 2012, where he was the featured pianist and even had to sing a song in Taiwanese. This was featured on Taiwan's National News GTV. Mellow Dee also surrounds himself with weddings, school showcases, private/corporate events and by far his favorite "street performing". "I like to take a spot in a populated area where people are enjoying a patio lunch or dinner and then fill the air with my music.", says Mellow Dee on a rogers interview. "That's what I do best."

"Dwight Grant’s one of the best soul singers and piano players I've seen in 35 years. Every time he sings and swings one of those old tunes, smiles light up, people stop and listen. From hotel lounges to swanky bars Mellow is always a crowd pleaser"

Dennis Armstrong Ottawa Sun Entertainment Reporter

2016 marks the 28th year of entertainment for this unsigned artist. With many accomplishments and many more still to come look out for one of Canada's best soul/crooners, Mellow Dee!

Mellow Dee Producer//musician/vocalist